Invoice financing or factoring


Receivables or invoice financing, also known as Factoring, is a set of services offered by a factoring company (such as Flexfin) to businesses (Suppliers) that sell goods or provide services to their customers on credit.

These services include:

  • The monitoring, management and collection of a company's commercial receivables. The service is provided to businesses that need a single point of service to better organize the management of their receivables.
  • The financing of invoices. The possibility of financing is provided through an advance on the value of the receivables as a means to improving the company's liquidity.
  • Covering Credit Risk. The factoring company undertakes to cover the credit risk the Supplier runs against insolvency of its Customers/Debtors.

Through the contract the Supplier signs with the Factoring company, the Supplier assigns its business receivables (invoices) to the Factoring company against one or more its customers/debtors arising from the sales of goods or the provision of services made on credit.

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