Financing in 6 simple steps

Financing in 6 simple steps


Products or services to your customers


Upload invoices onto our online platform Flip


Review instantly the financing amount & cost for each invoice


Receive money in your bank account for the chosen invoices


Get notified about collections, ledger discrepancies or delays


Get credited the balance of the invoice value once it is repaid

Υou can open an account and request financing remotely

Ανοίξετε λογαριασμό και αιτηθείτε χρηματοδότηση εξ αποστάσεως
  • Apply online
  • Receive an offer and accept online
  • Complete legalization document and identification process remotely
  • Sign the contract
  • Open an online transaction account
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The Flexfin principles



Get paid within days of uploading your invoices onto our platform.



Open an account and get cash without ever leaving your office.



No minimum criteria for size, history, profitability or company type, and no need for collateral or personal guarantees.



No hidden charges or nasty surprises, with clear pricing for each receivable.

Indicative cost calculator:

Invoice amount

€5,000 €150,000

Invoice term

30 days 360 days

Total cost per invoice*

You receive upfront

Total charges(*)

You receive upon invoice payment

(*) subject to VAT

The calculation of the above figures is based on these assumptions:


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Factoring allows businesses to meet their short-term financing needs through the management and financing of their invoices and checks. In other words, a business paid by its buyer/customer on 90 days credit is able to receive from Flexfin a large part of the expected collection "up front" immediately increasing the liquidity of the business. The monitoring and collection of receivables is undertaken on the business’s behalf by Flexfin which will directly transfer the collected amount to the company’s bank account upon collection (minus any finance amount and other costs and commissions).

  • Factoring allows businesses to meet the cash needs that arise between the delivery of the products/provision of services and the date of payment by a buyer/customer (credit period).
  • It is often a more efficient financing tool compared to traditional banking products especially for small and medium enterprises, since it is based on the receivables.
  • It is a form of financing connected to the sales of a business, preventing the business from overleveraging its balance sheet.
  • Factoring is exempt from the burden of the levy of Law 128/75 (0.60% per annum) which is charged on bank loans.
  • It offers centralized debt collection services and cash flow management tools.

Flexfin M.A.E. is the first independent factoring company in Greece, licensed and regulated by the Bank of Greece. We provide receivable financing and management via an online platform, to our customers who are mostly small and medium sized enterprises. Flexfin operates on the basis of a very specific framework of policies and rules and abides by its regulatory capital requirements. It is a subsidiary of Flexfin Ltd, whose shareholder base includes over 45 high-level shareholders, including the National Bank of Greece. The company uses the most modern digital security systems supported by Microsoft Azure Cloud services.

Each financing proposal is priced individually, and costs will be clearly communicated prior to committing to any transaction. There are a number of factors affecting the total cost of each transaction such as, but not limited to, the creditworthiness of the client as well as that of the debtor, the history of the commercial relationship, the amount, size and terms of the invoices, the overall market conditions, and Flexfin’s funding costs at the time.

Typically, the total charges incurred will include an interest charge related to any financed invoices and commissions on the total value of the invoices, broken down into financing and general admin commissions.

The interest is calculated on the basis of a margin on the 3 month Euribor (as of 2 days before the financing) and remains fixed for the whole credit period. It is calculated on the financed amount of the invoice, on a 360 day year basis. The commissions relate to Flexfin’s administration costs and depend on the specific services being offered.

During the term of our relationship other expenses may be charged such as notice expenses, transfer charges, cheque bounce charges or any other third party charges that our company may incur in relation to the factoring contract.

An indication of the cost of our services can be found on our website’s home page via our indicative cost calculator.

Factoring helps businesses selling to other businesses (B2B) on credit. At Flexfin we offer our services to businesses regardless of size, profitability, legal form, or other criteria as long as we are called to finance high quality receivables from reputable large buyers.

Flexfin, through its electronic platform and its simplified and flexible processes, aims to offer the quickest and most efficient financing service in the domestic factoring market. After the required regulatory checks are completed, which usually do not exceed 10 days, you can then immediately upload your receivables on our online platform, submit a funding request for any you wish and receive funding no later than three working days from the day of confirmation.
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