Frequent questions



Once you have completed the onboarding process and provide us with all the necessary documentation, we will review your data and perform a business health assessment. Within a few business days you will know if you are approved for Flexfin credit, and if so, what your credit limit is.

When all necessary procedures are completed (approval, contract agreement, notification of assignment) and you upload invoices onto our platform you can receive funding within three business days.

Yes. You can pay off any funded amount prior to its maturity with no extra cost and you will pay interest on the funding received only for the days until repayment.

No. If you have no current account balances outstanding you can stop using Flexfin at any time with no penalties or fees.

Yes. At the moment we do not offer factoring services outside of these jurisdictions.

We aim to make the use of our products easier for you and have created a user-friendly online tool to save you time and hassle. However, our experienced professionals are on your side to guide you through it on the phone.

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