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Flexfin group includes Flexfin SA that serves mainly clients in Greece and Flexfin Ltd that serves clients in Cyprus.
Flexfin SA is the only independent factoring company in Greece, licensed and regulated by the Bank of Greece (Central Bank) under law 1905/1990 and Governor’s Act 2622/21.12.2009

In Cyprus factoring is not a regulated business so Flexfin Ltd is not regulated, however it adopts the similar best practices in corporate governance, due diligence and risk management.

Flexfin has adopted at group level, a robust framework of operational procedures and rules, in line with the requirements and best practices required of regulated institutions, as Flexfin SA is licensed and regulated by the Bank of Greece. Flexfin Ltd’s shareholder base, which is the sole shareholder of Flexfin SA includes high quality professional investors as well as one of Greece’s systemic banks, and the group is underpinned by a very strong capital base. In addition, our website and platform have been built specifically to run on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services which is an enterprise class cloud services platform that has been approved for use by the Bank of Greece. As such, the most advanced best in class security features such as encryption, identity and access management, and network security are applied across the whole Flexfin platform from the holding of data, application access, web communications and back office operations.

Security is one of our top priorities. Flexfin uses industry best practice security protocols, and is compliant with the current legal and regulatory framework on data protection and security. The information you provide and your data are stored in accordance with our strict Privacy Policy and encrypted where appropriate to make sure that they are always safe and secure.

If you feel you are not satisfied with certain aspects of our services, you are encouraged to email our Customer Service Specialists at and you will receive our written response as soon as possible and in any case no later than 45 days after receipt of your request.

Yes, it is possible. While taking your credit history into consideration, our approach is more focused on the quality of your customers allowing us to be more flexible with respect to many of the minimum client criteria that banks have.

Our aim is to offer a new way for companies to manage their receivables. We allow our clients to manage their own accounts online, we are fully transparent on costs, and provide the tools to be able to take actions quickly and easily from the comfort of your place of business and according to your needs. We approach our client acquisition with flexibility driven predominantly by the quality of your own customers. We allow our clients to choose when and what they would like to finance, and we do not require minimum assigned volumes.

Our goal is to offer an absolutely fresh customer experience. We do trade finance, but we do it in a new way.

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