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Each financing proposal is priced individually, and costs will be clearly communicated to you prior to committing to a transaction. There are a number of factors affecting the total cost of each transaction such as, but not limited to, your creditworthiness as well as that of the debtor, your historical relationship, the amount, size and terms of the invoice, the overall market conditions and Flexfin’s funding costs at the time.

Typically, the total charges that you will incur will include an interest charge related to any financed invoices and commission on the total value of the invoices.

The interest for invoices that are available for financing is fixed for the whole credit period and is calculated on the financed amount of the invoice, on a 360 day year basis and is payable on the day that the invoice is due. The commission relates to Flexfin’s administration cost and depends on the specific services being offered.

During the term of our contract you may incur expense such as notice expenses, transfer charges, cheque bounce charges or any other third party charges that our company may incur as a result of our business with you.

An indication of the cost of our services can be found on our website’s home page via our indicative cost calculator.

Yes, both interest and commission charges are subject to VAT, which currently is equal to 24%. However, this can be netted off against any VAT received from your commercial activities.

The cost of financing each invoice is calculated at the onset based on the invoice’s expected payment date. However, should the invoice payment be delayed by more than fifteen (15) business days an additional 2.5% will be added to the annual interest rate for each day the invoice remains unpaid.

We provide financing against the gross amount of the invoice which includes the VAT.

No. Through our user-friendly platform you can see eligibility and cost for each invoice, and request financing for the invoices of your choice at any point during the invoice’s life cycle and the duration of our offer.

Not currently but we plan to do so in the future. Keep an eye on our website for relevant notifications.

At the moment we can offer export/import factoring services only if those are between Greece and Cyprus where we are currently present.

Confidential factoring is not our key business focus, however under specific requirements we could assess your request. Please contact us for additional information.

Yes we do from selected pre-approved debtors. Checks issued by large and creditworthy buyers are more likely to be approved. Please contact us for additional information.

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